New Carpe Diem Racing Site Online

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New Carpe Diem Racing Site Online

Going forward, with the Bethel Spring Series name a bit outdated, Carpe Diem Racing events and information will be available on This will include information on the New Britain Spring races noted here.

As things develop further we’ll create separate pages or sites as necessary, all linked from the parent CDR site. You’ll find information on our events within those pages.


Here’s to a great 2015 season!

New Britain Venue Secured For Two Weeks in 2015

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New Britain Venue Secured For Two Weeks in 2015

A short announcement – we’ve secured, on a trial basis, the Walnut Hill Park venue for two weeks in 2015, March 29th and April 12th (skipping Easter April 5th). I requested the latest dates because the City would like to be the “finale” if there are other venues in the Spring Series.

If the event goes smoothly and the local residents have a good experience with the racers and their conduct, the City will consider allowing an expanded schedule in the future. The goal would be to have a 4-6 week series but that may not happen for a few years. We’ll have more on what the City would like in terms of rider and promoter conduct/behavior.

Obviously this site will be obsolete as the Bethel Spring Series will no longer exist. As soon as we have a new site up and running we’ll start making announcements there.

Thanks very much to the folks that helped make this change happen, and for all the support that the Series received from the racers.

Aaron gives a thumbs up!

Aaron gives a thumbs up!

2014 – End of an Era, Call for Help

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2014 – End of an Era, Call for Help

I know that there have been rumors of the Bethel Spring Series demise and I’m writing to confirm that, yes, it’s true.

There will not be a Bethel Spring Series in 2015.

However, that does not mean there won’t be a Spring Series somewhere in Connecticut. It just means that it won’t be at Bethel. Ultimately the park is getting too busy to host a race series. A one day event is potentially possible but not a series of races over several weeks.


This means finding a new venue. I may be able to hold two races at one venue (meaning two weeks). However my goal would be to have a total of six races.

I need help finding and securing a venue for two to four weeks.


If you, your teammates, your friends, your family, if anyone you know has had a good experience at the Bethel Spring Series, please let me know. You can comment here (if you want to keep it private just say at the beginning of the comment “please don’t post this”). All comments get approved through me. You can always directly contact me as well using akira then underscore then sato then the Yahoo mail suffix.

I’m asking for this for a couple reasons. The main one is to try and convince a generic venue commission/board/etc that the Series is a good thing and that they should let us race there.

The second reason is to try and secure a sponsor. With the races losing money sort of consistently I’ve had to rely on cash sponsorship to reduce the deficit, and I need to find new sponsors since the current one doesn’t have need to sponsor a race in central Connecticut. I’ll be releasing numbers (for the first time) at some point this fall to illustrate the need for sponsorship.

Race at Bethel

I do want to hold a race at Bethel but I don’t know how to make that work. I’ll have to figure it out but it may be that it has to fall on a major holiday, like July 4th or Labor Day. Hopefully the retail stores will be closed and this will allow us to use the course. With the Markus Bohler Memorial, the history of the race, I don’t want to leave it behind. However to make a race happen will be very hard and I realize that the turnout will be smaller than normal for a national holiday.

The Town of Bethel Has Supported The Race, Always

Finally I want to point out that the Town of Bethel has been extremely supportive throughout this decision process. They encouraged me to finish out the 2014 Series before making any kind of decisions. They said that the race helps define a part of Bethel – the Spring Series has been a trademark race for over 20 years, and it’s one of the biggest Spring Series in New England. They’ve been supportive of the races from the beginning and they’ve never been difficult, and in fact I think they’ve been very forgiving.

At this point this is what I need from all of you that enjoyed the Bethel Spring Series over the years:

1. Comments/notes about what you found enjoyable about the Series. This is for venue application processes and sponsorship search stuff.

2. Thoughts on alternate venues. Ideal locations are in Connecticut, close to highways (5-10 minutes max), have a closable loop with just one entrance/exit, decent pavement, parking, and a less challenging/technical course. It should be plowed in the winter by someone (town if a road, by land owners if private like a mall access road). I need them to be between Bethel and Hartford. I can’t afford to go further away from home (I live slightly north of Hartford).

3. Thoughts on sponsors, including if you want to be a sponsor.

4. Opinion on July 4th vs Labor Day for a race at Bethel. If one date seems to make sense more than another let me know. I really don’t want to compete with the retail traffic, if you will.

Ultimately I want to recreate a Spring Series, even if it takes a year or three. In the meantime I want to get something together for 2014, even if it’s a bit more limited in terms of weeks-of-racing.


2014 Podium Shots

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2014 Podium Shots


I just liked this shot. Cat 4 Podium.


Cat 4 Podium.

1st: Michael Starpoli (Sherpa)

2nd: Kyle Herlihy (C3 Racing)

3rd: Andrew Meunier (Pawling Cycle & Sport) stand-in

DSC_0132 copy

Cat 4 Team Podium.



Women’s Team Podium.

CRCA: Stan’s NoTubes p/b enduranceWERX.

DSC_0174 copy

Women’s Podium.

1st: Amanda Braverman (CRCA: Stan’s NoTubes p/b enduranceWERX)

2nd: Cassandra Maximenko (CRCA: Stan’s NoTubes p/b enduranceWERX)

3rd: Emily Underwood (CRCA / Rockstar Games / Signature Cycles)


Cat 3-4 Team Podium, photo bombed by a teammate.



Cat 3-4 Podium.

1st: Josh Rovner (CRCA/Sixcycle-RK&O)

2nd: Edenilson da Silva (Navone Studio)

3rd: Ryan Mcgarrity (CRCA/Sixcycle-RK&O) stand-in


Masters 45+ Team Podium

Brauer / Mick Management


Masters 45+ Podium.

1st: Gary Steinberg (Brauer / Mick Management)

2nd: Ian Farrar (Purium Health Products Cycling Team)

3rd: Bill Muzzio (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)


P123 Podium with a ringer standing in for Zach in second place.

1st: Eneas Freyre (TTEndurance)

2nd: Zach Koop (CRCA/Blue Ribbon- Pennel Venture Partners)

3rd: John Harris (CCAP Pro-Am)


P123 Team Podium



April 13, 2014 Raffle – Thule Two Bike Roof Rack Kit!

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April 13, 2014 Raffle – Thule Two Bike Roof Rack Kit!

I know I haven’t been forthcoming with the raffle prize this year but thanks to title sponsor Outdoor Sports Center and Thule we’ll be giving away a complete two bike mount roof rack system.

Since it’s a vehicle specific prize we’ll give you a certificate which can be exchanged at Outdoor Sports Center for the proper rack etc.

The drawing will be after the Cat 3-4 race, before the P123 race. You must be present to win.

We’ll hand out raffle tickets, one per racer per race. If you need to leave you can give your ticket to someone else, that’s fine. Holder of the winning ticket wins the prize.

We’ll find a neutral person to draw the winning ticket. Any other prizes we have will be given away as well, but right now we don’t have much. We don’t have anything actually.


Picture is a sample. You’ll get feet, crossbars, and two bike mounts. Yay!



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We’ll have t-shirts at the races for the last two weeks. Due to the cost we’ll need to charge $10 per t-shirt. That’s slightly above our cost but we don’t expect to make money, simply cover our costs. Since we hadn’t anticipated getting them we hadn’t adjusted the entry fees or anything.

If you can’t make the races but you want a t-shirt please let us know and we’ll figure out how to get one to you.

Sizes are S, M, L, XL. Sizing seems a bit large but after running a couple through the wash we’ll have a better idea of what they’ll be like, i.e. if they shrink or not.

Front of t-shirt

Front of t-shirt

2014 t-shirt, back

2014 t-shirt, back

2014 Outdoor Sports Center

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2014 Outdoor Sports Center
Outdoor Sports Center, Wilton, CT

Outdoor Sports Center, Wilton, CT

Outdoor Sports Center has fully embraced the Bethel Spring Series p/b Outdoor Sports Center, hence the “p/b Outdoor Sports Center” at the end of the name. They’ve been a constant and strong supporter of the Series for the last few years. If you race at Bethel you’ll be hard pressed to miss the tent they set up each week, the flyers, the bottles, and the gift cards they give away with incredible regularity during the races. They even send a staff person to man the tent and answer any questions you might have. One of the owners Scott is at the race virtually every week.

They’re local to many of us, located in Wilton, CT, on Danbury Road, just a few minutes off of the Merritt Parkway. They have been a fixture in Wilton, having been in business over 50 years. For many families they’re the required stop for all sorts of outdoor gear, like coats, gloves, and a whole slew of outdoor related gear – bikes, kayaks, skis, running things, stuff like that. They’re large enough that they stock a lot of things that a smaller place simply cannot stock, like luggage pods, kayaks, and other large items, and you can walk in with your family and get everyone outfitted all at once.

If you’re local please keep them in mind the next time you’re looking for any kind of outdoor gear. They’re a local family-owned and family-run small business. Most importantly they actively support the sport you love.

2014 GC Standings

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2014 GC Standings

GC standings are current as of March 24, 2014, i.e. after the Bethel CDR Gold Race. Team points are right but not sorted. Cleaner pdf than last week.

Overall results are here.

March 23, 2014 Notes/Info

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March 23, 2014 Notes/Info

I’ve gotten a bunch of notes pointing out that the start times are off a bit for March 23, 2014, the Bethel CDR Gold Race. The start times are correct. The races are all scheduled to start 30 minutes later than last week because we’re adding a CCAP High School League Junior race at 8:45. This will push all the races back 30 minutes.


Juniors: Remember that your waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian (meaning the person that would, say, sign the papers when you go to the doctor’s office).

For Cat 5s it means you have a 30 minute break between the clinic and your first race.

For everyone else it means an extra 30 minutes to prepare before your race.

Race flyer is here (USA Cycling’s flyer is alway the official flyer). To get any race info go to the links to the right under “Race Info”, click on the event, and you’ll be on the USAC page for that event. There is a link to the race flyer for each USAC event.

A Word On Results

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A Word On Results

Please people. Results are final 15 minutes after the results have been posted.

I prefer not to spend my 2 year old’s birthday day responding to a slew of emails asking about mid/back pack finishes, corresponding with the official about reviewing the score sheets (lap by lap scoring) in order to verify the mid/back pack finishes, then reviewing finish line footage for a couple races, scoring the video again, and then corresponding with the official in order to see if someone really did get 38th place or something (random place I mentioned, no one asked about 38th place, but 38th is a very high place compared to many of the places I’m looking for).

At the race everything is in one small area. After the races things are in different places (computers, camera, scoring sheets that track lapped riders and such, finish line sheets, officials, etc), officials need to confirm any changes, etc, and it’s a painful process to change results.

On the other hand, as a racer, I understand that there are times when results are important to me, and I want to make sure they’re accurate. This is why I try to take into account every request for a place correction etc. However a racer cannot dump the responsibility of checking their own placing on the promoter. The racer needs to check the result, and if the result is not what they expect, they need to protest. It’s part of the rules. It’s expected that racers protest results. This is why we post a placing with no number or racer – we expect a racer to show up and say, “Hey, that blank spot, I think that’s me.” Therefore…

If the results are important to you then make it important enough to check the results before you leave the venue.

If it is not important enough to check before leaving the race then don’t ask the promoter to change something after the fact (add a racer, check a place, etc). This is not just for Bethel – it’s for any race.

I understand Cat 5s need their finishes and may not be familiar with the rules, even though the first thing you should do when you get your license is READ THE RULEBOOK. However, as an early season race, with a lot of new Cat 5s, I understand when a Cat 5 requests clarification on whether or not they finished.

However there is no excuse for anyone that has a 4 or higher on their license or anyone who has raced more than a few times.

I promised a lot of people, one at a time, that I’d look at the results for missed mid and back pack finishes. I even promised THREE people about checking on 2013 results. It might take a bit of time, 15 or 30 minutes minimum, an hour or so usually, maybe more, per check. However now that I’m up something like 10 or 11 riders, and I want to treat everyone the same, this is getting ridiculous. I’m working on this stuff all day when it should have been handled before the end of the day yesterday.

Going forward, once I’ve left the race course, I will only look at errors in placings, meaning a situation like you got placed 2nd and you actually won. If it’s outside the top 10 I won’t look at it unless there are absolutely incredible extenuating circumstances. This goes for all categories.

There is one exception. The overall GC (team and individual) is something I have to do by hand, it’s not a USAC thing, and therefore if you see anything at any time then it’s fair game to call me on it. Overall GC is determined by top 6 places for each week until the last week when it’s the top 7 places. No other places count. Team GC is determined by the top 3 GC racers from each team. If you or your team is somewhere in there, if the Overall GC chart has errors, then please call me on it.

If someone has a question or complaint they can contact me through this page (comment at the bottom), through Facebook, or through BikeReg (“Contact Event” link on any of the Bethel Spring Series BikeReg pages). I read and respond to every reasonable email. I typically ignore vitriolic hate-filled emails since it’s usually pointless to respond to them but everything else is good, send them my way.

There are some links for general consumption as well as clinic syllabus links for the Cat 5s.


Clinic info (good basics for anyone)

Rulebook. Read it. No excuses for not knowing at least the basic rules, like the ones that apply to someone doing a crit. If you don’t know the actual penalties for drafting in a time trial at 42 kph for 100 meters that’s realistic and reasonable, but if you don’t know that results are final 15 minutes after they’re posted then that’s not good. Or if you think that getting delayed by a crash allows you to get a free lap. Or a dropped chain. Stuff like that. If you’re wondering what that means then either read the rulebook or ask someone. You can ask me, I’m fine with questions like that.