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March 9th is the first day of Daylight Savings. This means you need to move your clocks ahead an hour. It means an hour less time, less sleep.



I suppose the good part is that this is “Spring Ahead” (as opposed to “Fall Back”), implying that Spring is around the corner.

I know, could’ve fooled me. Still though, a reminder to move your clocks ahead an hour.

2014 Course Map and Rules (2015 also)

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2014 Course Map and Rules (2015 also)

Update March 22, 2014:


We’ve had to eject one rider from the Series. Not only did the rider go into the parking lot that was off limits but when the official went over to move him he was urinating on the property. When asked why he was doing that he replied, “Well I do it all the time and no one ever says anything.”

This is exactly the reason why the Sterling RR was denied a permit this year – the town would not issue a permit to them because of public urination and only because of public urination. Not only is it illegal but it is also a totally valid reason to shut down races. If it were up to me I’d suspend the rider for at least a year (to me getting rid of such riders is preferable so a 5 year penalty would be a good start), but it’s not up to me. Therefore that rider is banned from the Series.

Anyone violating the course map rules below will be ejected from the race and the Series. There will be no refunds, no credits, all GC points will be stripped.

No bikes, no bike shoes, no helmets, no wearing kits in the red-striped areas in the map below. No standing/watching/”Let me just take my jacket off” between the 4-way intersection and the finish line.

If you have any questions please ask at registration. We all want the race to go on and we’ll be happy to explain things completely and fully.


We must keep the 4 way intersection clear. There is a lot of traffic entering and leaving the course, and we must accommodate that traffic.


Rider safety is paramount, hence the right of way for the racers, but the easiest and safest thing to do is to not have a bike race here. We are guests here. The easiest option is to get rid of us. Therefore, to earn our keep here, we must act like we’re guests. Stay out of the cars’ way. Stay out of the travel lanes. Stand still and be predictable when cars are driving near you.

There is more info below this update.


This year we’re moving our operations outdoors for a number of reasons, the main one being “so we can have a race”. The outdoor set up, and the reasons behind it, means a new set up and new locations for stuff like registration and portapotties.

We were the closest we ever were to not having the races this year. In fact, at some point in January 2014, I accepted the fact that the Series may not happen this year. At that point I’d already committed a few thousand dollars in expenses related to the race – numbers, workman’s comp, a number of fees and miscellaneous expenses, totaling about $3000 or maybe $3500. Fortunately we were able to work things out and the race could go on.

To keep this race alive we need your help in following the course rules. Ironically the picture was taken at some point during the Series (you can see the white van and the small trailer parked next to each other).


(Please excuse my poor grasp of graphic design programs. Original map here.)


Goals (new for 2014):

  • Keep road between Turn One and driveway totally clear.
  • Keep line of sight between Turn One and driveway/parking lot totally clear.
  • Absolutely no cyclists on the pavement at 7 Francis J Clarke.

Prior goals (they haven’t changed):

  • Stay off the lawn of 6 Francis J Clarke (the property at the bottom). Ditto the tractor on display next to the driveway.
  • Stay off the parking area of the same (where all the equipment/trucks/etc are stored).

Key Points:

  • The goal is to keep racers and spectators at/around Turn One or below the finish line (meaning to the left of the finish line). We cannot have people hanging out between Turn One and the driveways to 6 and 7 Francis J Clarke Circle (which is where the old finish line sits in the picture).
  • Red lined areas are off limits to cyclists. The property to the north is carefully marked to show that the grass to the left of the driveway is okay. The proper to the south is marked such that it’s okay to walk across the driveway but the lawn on that side is definitely off limits. Lawn rules apply as long as it’s exposed – if it’s covered in a couple feet of snow and the lawn won’t get damaged that’s a different story.
  • Two police officers requested to maintain control of the critical stretch of road between Turn One and the driveway.
  • Arrows show race direction.
  • Yellow finish line is the approximate location of the new one. The original one can be seen even from the satellite picture. The finish line will be to the downhill/left side of the Memorial, which is not in this picture.
  • Portapotties are in the lower right corner. They are the only bathrooms for racers.
  • Registration will be held at a trailer on Turn One.
  • Staging for the race start will occur on Turn One. This avoids having racers queue up near the start/finish area. We need to keep the road between Turn One and the driveway clear.
  • The Cat 5 Clinic will meet at Staging, on Turn One, before rolling onto the course.
  • Outdoor Sports Center will have a tent next to Registration. They may have one at the finish, but realistically it’ll be next to Registration. Without their support in the form of prizes and sponsorship the race in 2013 would have lost money. Please thank them for helping make this race possible yet again.

Now for the tough part.

If you want to race your bike then you need to follow the following rules. There is no BS, no fooling around. You violate the course rules below and you will be banned from the 2014 Series, your GC standings (if applicable) will be voided, and you will not be eligible for any future prizes (raffles, GC prizes, and whatever else awarded on the last day of the Series).

If a particular team has more than one violation then we reserve the right to eject the whole team.

1. Absolutely no cyclists on the pavement at 7 Francis J Clarke Circle. That means especially not in the driveway, not in the parking lot, nowhere in that lot. No cutting through, no one with a camera, no cyclists whatsoever. The area will be taped off but if you decide to put your bike on that parking lot you just forfeited the right to race your bike in the Bethel Spring Series. We paid something like $3000 last year in costs related to that property alone and we will not pay that again. In order to do that we cannot have cyclists enter that property.

2. Do not hang out on the grass between the driveway at 7 Francis J Clarke Circle and Turn One (the four way intersection). THIS APPLIES TO BOTH SIDES OF THE ROAD. You can watch at Turn One or below the finish line but not between those two spots. I understand you will need to walk somewhere to get down to the finish line but we must have a clear line of sight from Turn One to the driveway. Therefore do not dawdle between the driveway and Turn One. Once past the driveway dawdle all you want.

3. If you need to use the bathroom you must use the Portapotties. Don’t go in public (immediate DQ from the Series, forfeiture of any GC points, etc) and don’t use any local bathrooms. The local bathrooms may not cost you money but they cost the race a lot of money, 4 times what the Portapotties costed in 2013. If you feel there should be more Portapotties let me know, we’ll get more.

(Not a rule but a suggestion): To keep the Portapotties clear if you need to change do it in your vehicle. Heck, you can borrow mine – it’ll be attached to the trailer – just ask, there’s plenty of room inside of it. Please do not use the portapotties as a dressing room.

The Three Cardinal Rules above simply cannot be broken. The rules are there because without them the race will realistically not be held at this location anymore.


*update – re-published to keep it at the top of the heap. Originally published Feb 20, 2014 @ 22:30

*update – re-published to keep it at the top of the heap. Originally re-published March 4, 2014 @ 12:29

First 2014 Pre-Reg closes at 9 PM Feb 27 Thursday

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First 2014 Pre-Reg closes at 9 PM Feb 27 Thursday

Pre-registration for the 2014 Ronde de Bethel closes tonight at 9 PM. If you want to pay electronically (credit card, paypal, etc), you’ll need to register online.

We will be accepting Series registrations this weekend only at the race. Same price as online.

Thanks and see you out there!


(Note: We know that many races close pre-reg two days before the event. We need to close it three days prior in order to properly prepare the pre-reg stuff for Sunday. For various reasons Saturdays are usually spent doing other stuff for the race, like Sweep Day this weekend, so pre-reg has to be set up on Friday. Thanks for your understanding.)

2014 Sweep Day Plan

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2014 Sweep Day Plan

The Sweep Day Plan depends on temperatures, the amount of snow, the amount of sand, and the number of helpers.

The main goals are as follows:

1. Clear finishing hill, both lanes. Create a continuous smooth road edge (if significant amounts of snow etc) or clear to curb.

2. Clear right side (race side) of the rest of the course, working backward from the bottom of the hill. The priority is to clear the faster and more significant parts of the course, and that means the hill (most important), the backstretch (second most important), the long curve at Trowbridge aka Turn Two, and finally the turn at the top of the hill (Turn One).

3. Push/blow sand to the left side of the course on all but the hill. It both discourages riders from going to the left and it’s also not part of the course.

4. Do NOT put sand on any lawn. On snow, okay, on lawn, not okay.



Sand sweeper/blowers: Team of at least 5. One or two with brooms going along the curb scrubbing any sand to loosen it up. One or two with backpack blowers following them, blowing clear the first 2 feet or more of the road clear (from the curb). Two ore more with wheeled leaf blowers following them, staggered in tandem, blowing sand from 2 feet from curb to over the yellow line.

Deep sand needs to be put into piles, loaded on a pick up, and dumped off site.

Snow removal: People with metal shovels to break up snow into “snowthrow-able” size, moving actual blocks of ice off the road by hand. Snow throwers to move snow well off the road. Currently I’m only counting on one snow thrower. I hope to have 8-10 people with snow shovels.

A few of us have done some preliminary work but I expect there to be a bunch of sand to move, a bunch of snow to chop/move (end of backstretch, on the finishing hill, and the inside of Turn One), and some miscellaneous clean up stuff. Below is a shot that sort of shows the results of chopping snow back to the curb and then using the snow thrower to move it off the road.

Backstretch February 23, 2014

2014 Weather Thoughts

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2014 Weather Thoughts

With the races coming up and the weather forecast somewhat… dismal… I wanted to put something up on how the Series handles weather. The forecast has been changing daily and now it is saying snow on Sunday.



The plan is still to have Sweep Day on Saturday March 1, 10 AM.

As far as weather goes…


What cancels the race: Lightning, extremely strong wind, extreme cold, and snow/ice covering the road. If the road is damp (i.e. it could be snowing very lightly but the road is only damp, not icy) then the races go on. The goal is to have the races but to have them in safer conditions. If it’s too cold and moisture starts to freeze on the pavement then we call the races.

What does not cancel the race: rain, normal wind, and normal cold. We’ll delay if it’s too cold first thing but the forecast calls for some warming up (I don’t recall this ever happening – we either called it off or we had no delay). We’ll delay for fog (so it can lift – this happened once so far). We’ve raced in snow (few times), heavy rains, heavy wind. We’ve only called races due to snow or ice. Once I think we delayed races for lightning.

Where to check for race updates:

Twitter: @carpediemracing

Here (

Facebook: here.

2014 Sweep Day, March 1, 10 AM

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2014 Sweep Day, March 1, 10 AM

The annual Bethel Spring Series Sweep Day will be on Saturday, March 1, starting at 10 AM.

Race Credit: For those that show up I’ll credit three race entries for the first two hours of work, another race entry each hour necessary after that. I hope it’s not any more than two hours, personally, but it could get draggy if the conditions are bad.

When you show up please sign a volunteer release form. They’ll be in the Ford Expedition or the trailer behind it. Please put down your name, license number, the category and date of the race you want to enter, and I’ll handle the rest.

If you have it please bring:

  1. Shovels (flat bottom, typically, either plastic like snow shovels or the preferred metal ones, like garden shovels). I’ll have a few.
  2. Brooms (manual, like wide ones). I’ll have a few.
  3. Leaf blowers, wheeled or handheld/backpack. Fuel for same. I’ll have two wheeled and one very sad hand held one.
  4. If there are stacks of snow next to the road, then one or two snow blowers to clear the start/finish tent area.
  5. Wheelbarrow (I’ll have a small one).
  6. GLOVES! It’s not easy work and it would be terrible to have blisters for the first day of racing.
  7. Ear and eye protection.

Our goals, where we need to clear. We want to start at the finish line and work backwards:

  1. 10’x20′ area next to the road just downhill of the Markus Memorial. This is for the start/finish tent/platform for the officials and camera set up.
  2. Both sides of the road down the hill, especially the inside (mirror building side).
  3. Right side curb along backstretch (meaning the side the racers are on) out to a little past the yellow line.
  4. Right side curb along Turn Two (near Trowbridge)
  5. Right side curb along the first stretch.
  6. Right side curb and middle of road at the 4 way intersection (Turn One).
  7. Both sides of road between finish line and Turn One.

A major, major, major rule – NO SAND ON GRASS! We cannot put sand on grass so we need to pack it up and move it off the course.

We’ll have some food and drink 2 hours in. If we need more after that we’ll figure it out.

Photo by Steve Yau

Piling sand on the road in preparation for moving it. (Photo by Steve Yau)

If it’s a dry day then feel free to bring your bike and kit and do a few warm up laps after the course is swept. It’ll be a bit dusty but other than that it should be okay.

If it’s raining it’ll be a hard call but realistically we’ll need to do some work. However please keep an eye out here and if we don’t need to do a ton of work then the Sweep Day may be postponed or (hopefully) cancelled.

Please note that if it does snow AFTER Sweep Day then we’ll need to do some clean up work, typically on the Saturday before the following race. Please let me know if you’re available. Unfortunately I can’t be there until about 3:30 PM on Saturdays so we’ll have to work it out in terms of schedule and such.

Thanks and see you out there!

2014 Bethel Spring Series on BikeReg!

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2014 Bethel Spring Series on BikeReg!

The race is now live on BikeReg!

The USAC permits, save the first one, still need to be filed as we’re finalizing some details on the races. However the basic land use permits, etc, have all been issued. This means the race is a go.

The links to BikeReg sit on the right side of the site. There is a main link for all the Bethel Spring Series races, each of which are permitted individually and each of which have their own BikeReg page.



Screenshot of the main page for the Bethel Spring Series.


If you would like to register for the entire Series please go to the first week (March 2, 2014, Ronde de Bethel). You will have the option of registering for the entire Series, with discounts applied if you select two categories. Of course you must be eligible for both Series in terms of age, sex, and category.

If you have any questions please click on the “Contact Event” link on BikeReg on any of the individual Bethel Spring Series race pages or post a comment here (if it’s a private question please say so in the comment so I don’t publish it).

Almost Official! 2014 Bethel Spring Series Update

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Almost Official! 2014 Bethel Spring Series Update

We’re almost there! The main thing is that we’ve figured out work arounds so that the race doesn’t adversely affect other uses of the Francis J Clarke park. A few final details and that should be settled.

Permitting is almost done as well, as is the BikeReg stuff. We’ve held up permitting to get one landowner’s info but otherwise it should be a go. BikeReg should be going live next week, that’s the goal.

BikeReg will be much nicer for this year. They’ve added an “omnium” feature so if you register for the Series you will automatically be added to the proper category for the other weeks. This means no wondering if you’re actually registered for the Series, etc. This feature went live after the Bethel Spring Series in 2013 so we couldn’t use it but now it’s there and it’s awesome! Well for us promoters anyway.

Also we’ve split out the Series registration options. This is new for the Bethel Spring Series but I think it’s been a feature of BikeReg that we simply didn’t use. Just select Series category you want to enter, whether it be a single one (like Cat 5s for example) or two of them (like Cat 4s and Cat 3-4s). Your price will get discounted in the cart to reflect the proper price. This is much less confusing than the prior set up.

(For those of you trying to punish yourself and want to enter three series or three events in one day please contact me directly.)

As usual there is the standard one day pre-reg option as well, with a discount for a second race if you add one.

Photo by Matt Inconiglios


Tentative 2014 Bethel Spring Series Dates, Ideas

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Tentative 2014 Bethel Spring Series Dates, Ideas

In the next couple weeks we will be requesting the Town’s permission to hold the races in 2014. Tentative dates are March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, April 6, 13. That is seven weeks in a row as Easter is April 20 in 2014. The basic race schedule, with the exception mentioned below, will probably remain the same.

The biggest change at this very early stage in planning will be the schedule – the last four weeks (March 23, 30, April 6, 13) will feature a High School / Junior race. It will be a separate category and limited to newer riders. Tentatively the plan is to have only Cat 4s and 5s; we may allow Cat 3s but at this point we haven’t decided. The idea is to have a race that will help introduce new high school age racers to bicycle racing. The High School race will take place in the morning, either just before or just after the Cat 5 race.

Since the schedule is undetermined at this point if you have a request please let me know via email or by putting a comment with your idea/s on this post (or any other post for that matter). If you wish to remain anonymous that’s fine. If you don’t want your comment published (all comments are moderated) then please let me know and I will not publish your comment.

Finally any criticism is welcome as well; I won’t hold it against you at all. I want the event to go well and I want to know all the areas where we can improve the Series.

Photo by David Wells“We want your ideas!”


2013 Podium Pictures

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2013 Podium Pictures



Cat 4 Podium

  1. Lorenzo Serra (Pawling Cycle & Sport)
  2. Stephen Kang (CRCA / Breakaway Couriers)
  3. Ken Reilly (Tarmac Cycling / Iron Bridge Consulting)




Cat 4 Team – Pawling Cycle & Sport


Women’s podium:

  1. Raquel Miller (Farm Team Elite Women’s Cycling Team)
  2. Amanda Braverman (Stage-1 / Fusion Think)
  3. Carol-Lynn Mills (CRCA / Houlihan Lokey)





Women’s Team: Stage 1 / Fusion Think









Masters 45+ Podium

  1. Gary Steinberg (Brauer / Mick Management)
  2. Glenn Babikian (Signature Cycles / Rockstar Games)
  3. Matthew Doran (Brauer / Mick Management)






Masters Team: Brauer / Mick Management



Cat 3-4 Podium

  1. Stefan Singer (CRCA / FGX Racing)
  2. Ian Whaley (Bethel Cycle Sport Club)
  3. Laurence Merling (CLR Racing)






Cat 3-4 Team: CRCA / FGX Racing




Pro-1-2-3 Podium

  1. Eneas Freyre (Target Training)
  2. Anthony Alessio (International Christian Cycling Club)
  3. Ross Baldwin (Watchung Wheelmen)





Pro-1-2-3 Team: Target Training



Congratulations to everyone for racing a great Series!