2013 Clinic Week 1

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Week 1 (or any new rider class) – Chalk Talk – the 12 items in the Intro, quickly. Goal is 10 minutes.

1. Warm up – pace line. Pace at 20 mph on flats, under 15 mph on hill. Stay together – you’ll have plenty of time to go fast in the race.

Parallel lines in corners. Keep gaps closed. Easy on the brakes.

Practice not over compensating when closing a gap or needing to ease up a bit. New racers tend to accelerate too much and then brake too much. Not only is it dangerous but it’s also very inefficient.

If you feel really uncomfortable following someone directly behind them at less than 5 feet then follow them  a foot to the side to stay close. For now if people are peeling off the front to the left then stay to the right of the rider in front of you. You need to get used to riding close. Shelter from wind is secondary for now.

This is the case for any time you’re riding in a group, whether in a clinic or even in the race.

2. Bumping drills – contact on front and back straight, curve too. Keep speed low, like 10-12 mph at first (you’ll have to drag the brakes to keep from inadvertently speeding up), use the small ring, focus on contact. Line up parallel, bump, then right side drops back one person, repeat.

Contact may occur at shoulder/tricep area for shorter riders, forearm/elbow area for taller rider.

You should holding the drops if possible. Shorter riders may need to use the hoods initially.

Remember contact is NOT an option for forcing a weak tactical hand. This is training for you so that you can stay upright if there is contact for any reason. Usually it’s an error/incident – someone turned in late or someone is swerving to avoid a crash. However there are tactically deficient racers who physically force their way through others – you don’t want to crash because of them. If you have a weak tactical hand you need to improve it using tactics and strategy.

3. When standing don’t shoot bike back. Keep pedaling, get over front of bike, prevents bike from shooting backward a foot when you stand. Keep aware every time you stand up on the hill.

4. Push to turn – push right side bar to swerve/turn right, push left side bar to swerve/turn left. This is called “counter steering” in motorcycle terms. Check your six (look down or turn around) and then practice moving a couple feet to one side, a couple feet to the other.

Note: this is not “counter steering” like when you turn into a skid when driving a car.

Homework: Practice clipping in, drinking without looking, looking back without swerving, standing without shooting bike back. Practice initiating a turn in real corners (we don’t have them at Bethel). Try riding one handed holding the bars in different places to get an idea of how the bike handles when you go over a bump etc. If you have teammates do some bumping practice.