2013 Clinic Week 2

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Week 2 – Chalk talk – using the drops, shifting in drops, push to turn. Climbing on the hoods.

1. Warm up – double pace line. Keep speeds reasonable, 20 mph on flats, 15 mph or slower on hill. Keep gaps closed. If smaller groups then ┬ásingle pace line. Instructor may bump you.

2. Out of saddle – in the drops. Head/torso basically move in straight line, bike rocks left/right. Best for high power, like starting a sprint or trying to break away.

Note: The drops give you the most control so this is best for intense situations or any time something might happen. In other words most of the time on flatter courses, definitely in corners and downhills. For slightly more information read here.

Start with a slower motion, lower rpm, until it feels natural. Then speed it up.

Practice shifting a gear each way while out of saddle on drops (not applicable to those with that weird Shimano lever or with downtube shifters).

3. Out of saddle – on the hoods. Ditto on head/torso. Best for climbing out of the saddle. Practice shifting a gear each way.

Most useful on the hill or at low speeds when you don’t need as much control. I use the hoods most of the time when climbing the hill out of the saddle. If sitting I’m generally holding the tops.

Homework: Practice being in drops and accelerating/shifting while standing. Try it at low pressure first then higher efforts. Practice climbing out of saddle on hoods, shifting. Bottles without looking, looking back without swerving.