2013 Clinic Week 5

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Week 5 – Chalk talk – Thinking tactics. When working with a teammate or friend you shouldn’t work if they’re trying to get something done. Resist doing the “Me Too” attack that is too common in the 5s and 4s.

1. Warm up – contact. Keep speeds low, use the small ring, 10-12 mph to start. Try to do some leaning while climbing (seated). Keep in mind that bumping requires you to be well grounded so you won’t be bumping much while standing. Focus on maintaining contact.

2. Two groups , instructor goes “off the front”, other instructor stays in group. One rider bridges quickly while another sits on. Pairs go up the road, only one rider pulling of the pair. The other rider is “marking the move”, i.e. following but not helping. This is how you ride if you have a teammate up the road. Idea is that “teammate” does not help the others chase. Illustrates benefit of not working.

Switch roles so that everyone that sat in the first round does the chasing the second round.

Chasers – try to bridge really quickly, very hard, sharp efforts. This is good speed work.

“Markers” – sit on, read the wind, and note just how little work you’re doing while the rider in front is really working hard.

Homework: If on a team think about teamwork for the following race. Think about trying to get a teammate into a move. Think about sacrificing a non-sprinter to lead out the sprinter for the finish. Consider trying to launch a break with similarly strong riders. If not on a team then think about allies you may have in the field (friends, friendly riders, etc), how to set up for sprint, what to do if someone breaks away.