2013 Clinic Week 6

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Week 6 – Chalk talk – Actively helping teammates – leadout, pulling, other high intensity work. Sprint distance calculation (revs back from finish line).

1. Warm up – pace line, double, pair up to be “teammates”. Keep speed reasonable, 20 mph on the flats. Remember you have plenty of time to ride hard in the race.

2. Lead outs – One rider leads out the other to base of hill, the rider getting led out will jump out of saddle, shift up one gear, and then sit up and wait. Alternate. Idea is to hold higher speeds so that the leadout rider is tired. Goal speed is 30 mph. Better is 35 mph. Illustrates how helpful a leadout is. If a rider isn’t up to it then they can sit on a lead out.

Don’t sprint – just do the lead out and then roll up the hill easy. The rider that follows will be fresh so be kind to the one that was doing the leadout.

3. After 20-25 min go easy. Do contact pace line drill to cool down a bit before race.

Homework: Practice going 200-250 meters very hard while seated (accelerate standing), try to hit 35 mph. This is a leadout type speed that will be effective even in the Cat 3s. If you need a slight downhill going into a flat that’s okay.

If on a team think about a leadout for the coming week. Be honest with each other. Select the strongest finisher on the team to support for the finish. Work out a plan of attack for the next race (break guys go on breaks, sprinter sits in and waits). If not on a team think about who to follow, where to jump. Use past history as an example – racers who sprinted well last week will probably sprint well this week.