2013 Clinic Week 7

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I didn’t want to jinx things by putting up a 7th clinic week. During the Series we normally lose a week of racing due to snow/ice. I intentionally didn’t work on the 7th clinic even as the 6th week approached. Of course since I didn’t jinx things we will have a 7th clinic and now I’m scrambling to get things down.

There are three main parts to the last clinic of the Bethel Spring Series.

First, for anyone that wants to review etc, I’ll be glad to go over whatever you want, both in chalk talk and on the bike. This will happen after the main stuff, the two sections below.

For the main part I’ll go over some tactical stuff. Real basics. Bike racing revolves around drafting. Once you break the draft or the draft becomes ineffective then your fitness comes into play. If you’re fit/strong then you need to make efforts that neutralize the effects of the draft or take place in situations where there’s no drafting possible. Basically it all revolves around using wind and terrain to tire your opponents.

  1. Climbs and tailwinds reduce drafting effectiveness. These are the times to attack. If you are attacking then commit. Once you have a gap then throttle back and hold a high, hard tempo. The idea is to make it last more than a lap or whatever.
  2. Crosswinds are ideal for attacking. Get to the downward side of the road (if the wind is from the right then get to the left side) and just drill it. If you’re strong you’ll look back and see the field disintegrate before your eyes.
  3. Headwinds reduce motivation. It’s a terrible time to attack but a great time to solidify a lead. Don’t ease but make sure you leave enough in the tank so you can push on the other parts of the course.
  4. Once in a break you need to level out your effort. Don’t go too hard on the hill. Maintain pressure on the flats.
  5. Attack when the front is not cohesive. If the front is fragmented, has gaps everywhere, little groups here and there, it’s a great time to attack.
  6. You should be able to close a 10 second gap on your own. It’ll be hard but possible. When launching a counter attack it’s the same as an attack. Use the wind, terrain, and commit.
  7. Make your efforts count – have a goal in mind when you push. Attacking just for the sake of it probably won’t be productive. Of course your goal may be to attack just for the sake of it. I know I’ve done that. It’s fun as long as I can recover. It’s cost me a chance at a place also.
  8. If you’re climbing the hill at a certain speed you’re using a certain amount of energy. It doesn’t matter if you’re spinning like mad or moshing a 53×11 – you’re putting down the same power. It may feel better to push but it’s easier to recover from a spinning type effort (aerobic) rather than a pushing type effort (muscular).

Finally for the fluency stuff I’ll go over some foundation level skills. These are things you can do on any easy ride, while you wait in a parking lot for the group, stuff like that. I went over a few things before – looking over your shoulder, riding one handed, initiating a turn. I’ll cover what I can but I want to include the following.

  1. Throwing the bike (at the line)
  2. Picking things up off the ground
  3. Wiping tires while riding
  4. Trackstands
  5. Aero tucks

As always please feel free to comment (and if you want to make the comment private please say so).

Ride safe and have a great season!