March 5th, 2011 by sprinterdellacasa

In 2011 we introduced clinics to the Outdoor Sports Center Bethel Spring Series, and we have continued the clinic program this year.

Each week we’ll have a clinic at the start of the day, at 8:00 AM. Participants will be asked to review each of the clinic pages, A through E.  During each clinic session, we’ll go over some of the main principles covered in the appropriate clinic topic while doing laps on the race course.  Emphasis will be placed on riding smoothly in a group, making predictably safe moves, and honing comfort in a close-quarters riding situations.  We’ll also be reviewing concepts that cover safety, racing etiquette, and riding and racing strategy.

Although initially we had registration for the whole series of clinics, by making the topics less focused, we can offer week by week registration. You’ll need to register at the desk, or email me (through the Clinic’s BikeReg page). Registration at the desk will close at 7:50 AM.

There is a separate, non-competitive waiver that you need to sign for the clinic.

The clinic is open to all categories of riders; however it is geared towards new racers who would like to get a solid base of knowledge as they start racing mass start races.