2014 Outdoor Sports Center

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Outdoor Sports Center, Wilton, CT

Outdoor Sports Center, Wilton, CT

Outdoor Sports Center has fully embraced the Bethel Spring Series p/b Outdoor Sports Center, hence the “p/b Outdoor Sports Center” at the end of the name. They’ve been a constant and strong supporter of the Series for the last few years. If you race at Bethel you’ll be hard pressed to miss the tent they set up each week, the flyers, the bottles, and the gift cards they give away with incredible regularity during the races. They even send a staff person to man the tent and answer any questions you might have. One of the owners Scott is at the race virtually every week.

They’re local to many of us, located in Wilton, CT, on Danbury Road, just a few minutes off of the Merritt Parkway. They have been a fixture in Wilton, having been in business over 50 years. For many families they’re the required stop for all sorts of outdoor gear, like coats, gloves, and a whole slew of outdoor related gear – bikes, kayaks, skis, running things, stuff like that. They’re large enough that they stock a lot of things that a smaller place simply cannot stock, like luggage pods, kayaks, and other large items, and you can walk in with your family and get everyone outfitted all at once.

If you’re local please keep them in mind the next time you’re looking for any kind of outdoor gear. They’re a local family-owned and family-run small business. Most importantly they actively support the sport you love.