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March 10th, 2014 by sprinterdellacasa Categories: News 4 Responses

Please people. Results are final 15 minutes after the results have been posted.

I prefer not to spend my 2 year old’s birthday day responding to a slew of emails asking about mid/back pack finishes, corresponding with the official about reviewing the score sheets (lap by lap scoring) in order to verify the mid/back pack finishes, then reviewing finish line footage for a couple races, scoring the video again, and then corresponding with the official in order to see if someone really did get 38th place or something (random place I mentioned, no one asked about 38th place, but 38th is a very high place compared to many of the places I’m looking for).

At the race everything is in one small area. After the races things are in different places (computers, camera, scoring sheets that track lapped riders and such, finish line sheets, officials, etc), officials need to confirm any changes, etc, and it’s a painful process to change results.

On the other hand, as a racer, I understand that there are times when results are important to me, and I want to make sure they’re accurate. This is why I try to take into account every request for a place correction etc. However a racer cannot dump the responsibility of checking their own placing on the promoter. The racer needs to check the result, and if the result is not what they expect, they need to protest. It’s part of the rules. It’s expected that racers protest results. This is why we post a placing with no number or racer – we expect a racer to show up and say, “Hey, that blank spot, I think that’s me.” Therefore…

If the results are important to you then make it important enough to check the results before you leave the venue.

If it is not important enough to check before leaving the race then don’t ask the promoter to change something after the fact (add a racer, check a place, etc). This is not just for Bethel – it’s for any race.

I understand Cat 5s need their finishes and may not be familiar with the rules, even though the first thing you should do when you get your license is READ THE RULEBOOK. However, as an early season race, with a lot of new Cat 5s, I understand when a Cat 5 requests clarification on whether or not they finished.

However there is no excuse for anyone that has a 4 or higher on their license or anyone who has raced more than a few times.

I promised a lot of people, one at a time, that I’d look at the results for missed mid and back pack finishes. I even promised THREE people about checking on 2013 results. It might take a bit of time, 15 or 30 minutes minimum, an hour or so usually, maybe more, per check. However now that I’m up something like 10 or 11 riders, and I want to treat everyone the same, this is getting ridiculous. I’m working on this stuff all day when it should have been handled before the end of the day yesterday.

Going forward, once I’ve left the race course, I will only look at errors in placings, meaning a situation like you got placed 2nd and you actually won. If it’s outside the top 10 I won’t look at it unless there are absolutely incredible extenuating circumstances. This goes for all categories.

There is one exception. The overall GC (team and individual) is something I have to do by hand, it’s not a USAC thing, and therefore if you see anything at any time then it’s fair game to call me on it. Overall GC is determined by top 6 places for each week until the last week when it’s the top 7 places. No other places count. Team GC is determined by the top 3 GC racers from each team. If you or your team is somewhere in there, if the Overall GC chart has errors, then please call me on it.

If someone has a question or complaint they can contact me through this page (comment at the bottom), through Facebook, or through BikeReg (“Contact Event” link on any of the Bethel Spring Series BikeReg pages). I read and respond to every reasonable email. I typically ignore vitriolic hate-filled emails since it’s usually pointless to respond to them but everything else is good, send them my way.

There are some links for general consumption as well as clinic syllabus links for the Cat 5s.


Clinic info (good basics for anyone)

Rulebook. Read it. No excuses for not knowing at least the basic rules, like the ones that apply to someone doing a crit. If you don’t know the actual penalties for drafting in a time trial at 42 kph for 100 meters that’s realistic and reasonable, but if you don’t know that results are final 15 minutes after they’re posted then that’s not good. Or if you think that getting delayed by a crash allows you to get a free lap. Or a dropped chain. Stuff like that. If you’re wondering what that means then either read the rulebook or ask someone. You can ask me, I’m fine with questions like that.

  1. bgs says:

    Aki, for the clueless (meaning me), where do the results get posted please, and roughly how long after my race finishes would I be able to see them?

    Happy birthday Junior!

  2. sprinterdellacasa says:

    That’s a good question and I never addressed it. There is a link at the top of the site for Results, and I link to the bethelspringseries.com site results. I realize now that I should link to USAC results since that’s the official results page.


    The official place for results is USA Cycling, so usacycling.org. There’s a link for Results there and you can search for the race name. Once you see the page for the race itself then you’ll see a link to Results. That’s the official USAC results, the one that counts. Promoters are required to have the results up in some reasonable amount of time, I think it’s a week or three weeks, but as policy I am determined to have the results up by the end of race day. For various reasons I’m sure it won’t happen now and then but with the systems we have in place it would be very unusual for the results not to be up. For example an internet outage across two providers (the land based and wireless based), for example, would knock me off line and it would be hard for me to post results. If I leave the computer with the results on it somewhere where I can’t retrieve it easily that would keep me from uploading results. Etc.

    Other sites are nice and do a service by putting up results, but they’re not official. For example BikeReg is great and pulls results from USAC but they’re not the official site. I don’t know if updates to the USAC site get mirrored on outside/independent sites like BikeReg. For resume purposes only USAC counts for USAC results.

    I try to have the results up on the bethelspringseries.com site at the same time as USAC but given the choice I’ll upload to USAC first, to my own site second. This was the case yesterday as I started getting inundated with requests to check/alter results. Since the official results are already official, I can upload them to USAC. Bethelspringseries.com results are NOT official in that you cannot use that site for upgrades etc.

    I do maintain the overall GC results for the bethelspringseries.com site and those are not USAC results. I make mistakes on it somewhat regularly because that’s all done manually by me, usually when I’m not 100%.

    So thanks for the question and thanks for the happy birthday :)


  3. Vin says:

    When/where will you post GC standings?

    • sprinterdellacasa says:

      I’ll be posting them on this site, under the Results button up top. I’m working on automating the overall calculations right now, taking a bit of time.