New Britain Venue Secured For Two Weeks in 2015

November 17th, 2014 by sprinterdellacasa Categories: Front Page, News 2 Responses

A short announcement – we’ve secured, on a trial basis, the Walnut Hill Park venue for two weeks in 2015, March 29th and April 12th (skipping Easter April 5th). I requested the latest dates because the City would like to be the “finale” if there are other venues in the Spring Series.

If the event goes smoothly and the local residents have a good experience with the racers and their conduct, the City will consider allowing an expanded schedule in the future. The goal would be to have a 4-6 week series but that may not happen for a few years. We’ll have more on what the City would like in terms of rider and promoter conduct/behavior.

Obviously this site will be obsolete as the Bethel Spring Series will no longer exist. As soon as we have a new site up and running we’ll start making announcements there.

Thanks very much to the folks that helped make this change happen, and for all the support that the Series received from the racers.

Aaron gives a thumbs up!

Aaron gives a thumbs up!

  1. Sung Pak says:

    awesome news Aki. Count me in.

  2. Matt Stuart says:

    Fantastic news AKI- Looking forward to it!